fot. Robert Kruk

fot. Robert Kruk

Hi, I'm Gosia - happy foodie, dedicated bookworm, professional shower singer and, most of all, a passionate people-watcher. I travel all over the world to catch people red-handed, white-faced, half-smiled, double-happy and everything in-between.

I just adore people and like to immortalize those moments of magic and inspiration in which everything just "clicks". I want to capture in my photos as much happiness as possible. But I also want to peel back the layers of reality and emphasize what our eyes don't commonly see. 

That’s why I’m looking for free-spirited daydreamers, high-flying bluebirds, and spontaneous couples ready to have unique wedding or engagement photographs.


Let’s meet and try!       

If you’re ready to face my lens, then my lens is ready to tell your story!